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We are uniquely positioned to meet the growing demand for talent acquisition services in the biotechnology and molecular biology industry. As atop North Americanrecruitment firm for biotechnology and molecular biology professionals, our in-depth understanding of trends, regulations, technology, and innovation in the biotechnology and molecular biology industry keeps us ahead of the curve. We provide our clients and top candidates with high-quality and personalized services.

Our success inidentifying highly qualified talent has resulted in staffing for over 60 highly specialized personnel in just one year. With our deep understanding of the biotechnology and molecular biology industry and an extensive network of contacts, our clients gain a competitive advantage in every engagement.

Hire the top candidate regardless of your company’s size.

We partner with start-ups, mid-sized, and Fortune 1000 companies.

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Acquire a shortlist of qualified candidates within 10 business days

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Our placements have a 97% retention rate after the first 18 months

We deliver candidates with an average time to hire of 52 days.

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